Sex pills that work in men and women for sexual dysfunction
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March 1 2017

Men and women who wish to enhance their sexual pleasure have many natural and prescription products to choose from. There are prescription sex pills and natural, herbal sex pills that are easily available on the internet and health food stores. Although the medical profession is skeptical that natural male or female herbal formulas are effective, many users of these natural products become convinced that certain herbal sex enhancers sold in stores or on the internet do boost libido, sensation, and stamina — in men and women. Many of these products help men with erectile dysfunction and help women achieve better lubrication and stronger orgasms. If your doctor or someone you know questions the effectiveness of natural herbs for sexual enhancement, most likely they have limited or no experience with them.

Which natural sex pill herb or formula to buy?
There are literary thousands of sex enhancer pill products on the market promoted through magazine ads, health food stores, pharmacies, drug store chains and on the internet. Over the years many of these product have come and gone. New ones appear on a regular basis. They each have various combination of herbs, vitamins, and other nutrients. Common herbs you will find in these herbal sex pills include yohimbe, Eurycoma, tribulus, maca, catuaba, damiana, Mucuna Pruriens, muira puama, and horny goat weed with icariin. Below you will find a discussion of these sex stamina pills along with their benefits and side effects. A very popular and effective product is Passion Rx with Yohimbe, which has a high rate of reorder.

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Natural Sex Pills – aphrodisiac herbs

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Sex pill caution, danger, risk
If you come across an herbal sex pill that promises to work in less than an hour, and happens to cost more than 2 or 3 dollars a pill, be cautious. Many of these products that are promoted to work quickly may be laced with Viagra-like chemicals. The FDA routinely checks herbal libido formulas for these Viagra-like compounds and each year finds several to these so called natural male enhancers to be laced with chemicals similar to sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil. Many of these products are imported from overseas, including China, where an herbal formula is made laced with one of these substances and then sold to a US company where they are bottled and sold as capsules or tablets usually for 2 to 10 dollar each.

Sex pill side effects
The most common side effects from herbal sex pills include stimulation, more energy, alertness, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, shallow sleep, and restlessness. These side effects occur when the dosage is high. You can avoid these sex pill side effects by keeping your dosage low and being patient for a few days.
If you have heart disease we suggest you not take any of these herbal formulas since most of them can increase heart rate or blood pressure. The safety of these products depends on the dosage. If you take small amounts and are patient for a week or two, then you may be able to use these sex herbs safely as long as your doctor approves.
Those who have a heart condition and take a high dose of some of these products may temporarily have a heart rhythm disturbance such as supra ventricular tachycardia, A fib, or PVCs.

How quickly do natural herbal sex pills work for sexual enhancement or sexual dysfunction?
Although yohimbe bark extract can work within hours, most of these natural herbal products, whether individual herbs or formulas, take several days to become effective. Once you notice the benefits, you can reduce the dosage or take days off.

Full herb powder or extract, which is better?
In the past, herbs were available mostly as a crushed powder in capsules. Over the past few years processing and manufacturing has become more sophisticated. You can now find most of the aphrodisiac herbs listed below to be available in various concentrations or potencies. For instance, yohimbe bark is sold as a 2 to 1 extract, a 4 to 1 extract, and so on up to 20 to 1 extract or higher. A 2 to 1 extract means the active ingredients are most likely twice as potent. However, since various manufacturers and raw material suppliers have different ways of extracting and processing the herbs, a 2 to 1 extract from one ingredient supplier may be more or less potent than that from another supplier. Herbal extracts are not made to the same precision as pharmaceutical drugs. There is even a likelihood that some extracts touted, let’s say, as a 20 to 1 extract may actually be half that potency. But for practical purposes it really doesn’t matter much as long as the product works for you.
The next question becomes, which is better, the plain herb powder or a concentrated extract? It depends. Some herbs are more effective when an extract is used whereas others are better when used as the plain powder. There is also a great deal of individual preference. For instance, one person may like a tongkat ali regular powder, another may prefer a 20 to 1 extract, and still someone else would prefer a 50 to 1 extract or higher. There is no easy to know which product you will respond to unless you try it.

With or without food?
Most of these sex enhancing pills are quicker and better absorbed on an empty stomach in the morning, at least a half hour to an hour before breakfast. Some products that include a high dose of yohimbe for a quick effect are taken an hour or two before sexual activity.

Herbal Sex Pill listings in alphabetical order: safe and natural
There are dozens of safe and natural herbs used for sexual enhancement and hundreds of different formulas that you can find by doing a google search for keywords such as ED pill, impotence, sexual enhancement, and other similar keywords. You may choose to try each herb separately or buy a formula that includes some of them in various combinations and extract potencies.

Ashwagandha herb a person relax, although, by itself, it is not a potent sexual enhancer. This herb is often sold as a powder in capsules but can also be found in higher potencies, such as a 5 to 1 extract.

Avena sativa is a mild sexual enhancer, certainly not as potent as tribulus or tongkat ali.

Catuaba herb is from South America and it is often combined with muira puama herb for a synergistic effect. This combination is used in Peru and Bolivia and parts of Brazil.

Horny Goat Weed with icariin extract has been shown in studies to be a PD5 inhibitor and act in a manner similar to sildenafil.

Maca sex pill from the Andes mountains is an herb from Peru that has been shown in studies to reverse SSRI caused sexual dysfunction. Human studies have shown maca to have aphrodisiac properties and to have a mild benefit for erectile dysfunction.

Mucuna pruriens with l-dopa is an herb used in India. It has a substance called l-dopa which converts into dopamine. You will find many herbal formulas for men and women that have extracts of mucuna.

Muira Puama herb is from South America and it is often combined with catuaba bark extract for a synergistic effect. One advantage of this herb is that it has mild mood enhancing properties.

Tongkat ali, also known as longjack, is quite a potent libido booster. The botanical name is eurycoma longifolia. In Malaysia it is called Pasak Bumi. Extracts of this herb are sold in various potencies including 10 to 1, 20 to 1, 50 to 1, 100 to 1 and 200 to1. One extract becoming more popular is LJ100.

Tribulus sex pill
Tribulus terrestris is an herb that works well for sexual stamina and energy. This herb is inexpensive and comes often as an extract with 40 percent saponins.

Yohimbe sex pill works fast
Yohimbe is the bark of the yohimbe tree that contains certain alkaloids including yohimbine. Yohimbe is effective as a sexual enhancer and does improve erectile function and works fast but has side effects including sweating, nausea, headache, increased body temperature and rapid heart beat. Some sex pill products are able to have an effective formula by using a small amount of yohimbe.

Formulas advertised on the internet and available over the counter
ERECTIFY XL is an all natural supplement. the website claims, “Erectify XL has similar effects on blood flow to the penis as prescription medications and is available right here WITHOUT any doctor’s visit AND up to 60% less expensive than brand name erectile dysfunction prescriptions.”
Lexaryn male enhancement pill. The website claims, “Get rock hard erections with Lexaryn, a Proven Formula that truly helps millions of men fighting erectile dysfunction!”
Passion Rx with Yohimbe, which has a high rate of reorder and is one of the most popular over the counter sex enhancer pill formulas. Passion Rx is formulated by a medical doctor.
Provigro male vitality support – Provigro claims, “Build a consistent stream of sex-supporting nutrients in your system.”
Rizer X Male Enhancement Pills. The site claims, Rizer X helps you Become the Ultimate Sex Machine, Period.
SizeMatters Male Enhancement (ED) Pill . The website claims, “SizeMatters is the all-natural sexual stimulant alternative to Viagra, except it is totally safe to use. There is also no need for a prescription, since SizeMatters is not a medication.”
ViSwiss calls itself the ultimate male enhancement pill. ViSwiss claims on its website, “Get rock hard erections in 20 minutes without the side effects of Viagra! You don’t need to get a prescription from a nosy doctor!.” The concern is that if a formula works this quick, it could have adverse effects. Increasing libido slowly is a better option for most people.
Zenerx contains a blend of herbs. Zenerx is a male enhancement product.

Interactions with medications
Please have approval by your doctor before using natural products in combination with prescription drugs.

I am a diabetic, do you think these libido supplements interfere with metformin that people take to reduce blood sugar?
It is not easy to predict the interaction between natural sex pills and medications used for blood sugar control. Our best guess is that low dosages of the herbs would not have much of an effect with metformin or other oral blood sugar lowering agents.

Cialis, Levitra and Viagra – We suggest not taking a natural sexual enhancement herb the same day as the pharmaceutical medications since untoward side effects may occur. Rather, you can take the natural products a few days before but stop them the day you take Cialis, Levitra or Viagra.

Natural sex pill review sites
There are many web sites on the internet that claim that they are an unbiased review site for the herbal sexual formulas available over the counter. However, be on guard. Many of these sites, if not most or all, are not unbiased but are hosted by a company trying to promote its own brand. This is easy to tell. The brand that has the highest rating is the one that is hosting the review site.

Sex supplement laced with a prescription drug
A sex supplement for men found to have the same active ingredient as Viagra has been recalled. The voluntary nationwide recall on the Stud Capsule for Men was launched last week after the Food and Drug Administration detected that the drug had been contaminated by sildenafil, a substance contained in treatments for erectile dysfunction like Viagra. Use of the Stud Capsule could pose a health risk to consumers because it might interact with nitrate found in certain prescription drugs, including nitroglycerin — often taken by patients with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or high cholesterol. The interaction of the two kinds of drugs could lower blood pressure to dangerous levels, warned Stud Capsule manufacturer KANEC USA in a press release. The company apologized to consumers for the error and insisted that it conducts strict quality control tests on its materials and finished products. Previous analysis of the Stud Capsule for Men didn’t screen for sildenafil, but KANEC USA said it is working to fix the oversight and is cooperating with the FDA.

Consumer inquiries
I have seen advertisements for products that call themselves “top sex pill.” Have there been studies comparing the various herbal sexual formulas to determine which is the top sex pill?
There have not been such studies. There are hundreds of herbal sexual formulas over the counter and some companies unfairly promote their product as being the best formula whereas there are no studies that confirm or deny such claims.

Health and nutrition is a huge interest of mine, and recently I came across a website where Dr. Newman Lin makes numerous amounts of claims about the ill effects of too much sexual activity. What makes me very skeptical about Dr. Newman Lin is that he provides a list of many side effects from too much sexual activity such as; fatigue, headaches, joint pain, dizziness, eye floaters, sleep disturbances, memory problems, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations, chronic inflammation… the list goes on; however, what makes me suspicious is that he claims that his formulas are the only way to recover from this condition. My question is not whether or not his products work, but my question is the condition that this so called Dr. Lin presents as “oversexed” or “over-masturbation” a real condition? I have not heard of any medical term or condition that describes this type of state. Could it be possible that the body does go into so form of chronic stress and depletion that makes it hard to recover from abstaining from sex alone? or does the body really need some kind of herbal formula to recover from this type of condition. I hope that you can read and review his webpage and maybe decipher the medical terminology he uses to describe these various conditions, and maybe shed some light on this topic for me.
Excess masturbation or sexual activity can lead to loss of a large amount of semen which does contain many nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, protein, etc. This may lead to a slight decrease in energy levels and wellbeing especially in those whose diet is suboptimal. However, we have seen no evidence that such excess activity leads to serious medical conditions. Abstinence is not necessary, nor is excess masturbation or frequent ejaculations. A good balance works out well for most everyone.